Gum Disease Treatment

We offer distinct hygiene visits(cleaning) types. The standard is what most people think of as a “cleaning”, a checkup visit.

The second level is a 2-part cleaning. This is utilized by Brooks Family Dental when there is some inflammation present, if maybe you’ve skipped a couple cleanings. This is what we perform when there is no periodontal disease and bone loss.

The third is a deep cleaning: this one is what we use to stop the progression of periodontal disease. When we do these, it is because we’ve seen evidence of bone loss and inflammation. This is a 2-visit cleaning with numbing.

Regardless: we offer what is best biologically. We customize this for every patient, every mouth, and every oral environment. Notice we didn’t discuss money: this is the bedrock of all future dental health. We focus on biology here and periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults in the US, and also linked to alzheimers, heart disease and diabetes.