The Sticky Truth about Candy


The short answer: No candy is “good” for your teeth.  However, there are some less bad options for your teeth. In general, the more sticky a candy is, the worse it is for your teeth.  There are tiny grooves on each of your teeth, especially on the chewing surfaces of your molars.  The stickier the candy, the more likely it is that it can stay on the tooth for long periods of time. The longer the candy stays in contact with your teeth, the more likely it is that it can cause a cavity. Additionally, anything sour and sticky can wreak havoc on your teeth (I’m looking at you Sour Patch Kids and Atomic Warheads!). The acids found in sour candies can literally dissolve tooth structure, then the sticky sugar is free to sit on your teeth!

So really, the best candy is NO candy for teeth. Prevention is key, so come see us to find out more about how to keep your teeth the best and healthiest they can be. An occasional treat is fine, but if you must eat something sweet, like whole fruits (of course you can cut them up) are the best option!!

Best: No candy.

Better: Sweethearts, Chocolate, Tic Tacs, Sugar-Free Candy,

Worst: Jolly Ranchers, Taffy, Sour Patch Kids, Dried Fruit Candy, Licorice, Airheads, Skittles, Starburst, Butterfingers

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